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Whether you are building a hobby, family web site or small busuiness, the Web hosting power plans are designed for you to get it started on the world-wide-web. Power hosting plans offers all you'll need to get your site published on the web, at the most moderate price. ......more detail

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server offers for all customers with an affordable solutions for ecommerces, development platform, gaming application deployment.
Managed hosting available option businesses requiring tech. managed services. for detail info.

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정보의 정확, 신뢰성을 위하여 회원만 등록 할 수 있으며, 방문자는 자유로이 열람 가능합니다.

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File #1      SP2200_216x144.jpg (3.6 KB)   Download : 132
Subject      엡슨 2200 컬러프린터

롤 페이퍼도 장착이 가능하며, 자동 컷터(종이 잘라주는 기능)도 포함됩니다. 폭이 13인치도 가능하니까 사진출력은 13x19사이즈도 가능해 집니다.

놓아둘 장소도 비좁고 현재 다른 기종으로 사진을 만들고 있음으로 필요하신 분께 저렴히 드리고자 합니다.

구매가격 $699.00 희망가격 $250.00  약 3 가지의 여분의 정품 잉크가 있습니다.

이 제품은 일반 종이나 용도로 전혀 사용한 것이 아니고 세미프로 사진만 출력했으며 정품잉크만 사용한 것입니다.

nydigital@hotmail.com으로 연락 바랍니다.

퀸즈 플러싱, 베이사이드, 서니사이드, 엘머스트 지역은 가져다 드릴 수 있습니다.

Features & Benefits
Innovative ink system with 7-color UltraChrome™ inks and individual ink cartridges

•Delivers archival results with a lightfastness rating of up to 108 years for color prints, and up to 140 years for black and white (B&W) prints¹
◦Premier Art™ Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper for Epson
■Up to 108 years for color, up to 140 years for B&W prints
◦Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper
■Up to 85 years for color, up to 135 years for B&W prints
◦Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper
■Up to 71 years for color, up to 95 years for B&W prints
•Ideal for portraits and enlargements

2880 x 1440 dpi resolution with ultra-fine 4-picoliter ink droplets

•Provides exceptional detail and control for brilliant clarity and color

Roll paper holder and automatic cutter

•Makes it easy to quickly create a multitude of borderless 4" x 6" photos

Interchangeable Photo and Matte Black inks

•Creates the deepest, darkest blacks on glossy and matte paper respectively

Multiple color-managed workflow options

•Multiple color and enhancement modes include EPSON Standard, EPSON Vivid, and PhotoEnhance
•ColorSync and ICM support with built-in standard ICC profiles

PRINT Image Matching technology

•Works perfectly with PRINT Image Matching™ - enabled digital cameras to automatically produce the best quality prints possible

Fast USB and FireWire® (IEEE 1394) connectivity, plus convenient Parallel port

Cutting-edge Performance. Quality Made to Last.

With 7-color UltraChrome inks and 2880 x 1440 dpi resolution, the large-format Epson Stylus® Photo 2200 provides remarkable archival photo printing, plus versatile media handling.


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